[MPlayer-users] vo_vesa introducing

Johannes Feigl jaf.corporation at gmx.at
Wed Oct 17 20:37:43 CEST 2001


i've tried it, but it says
"vo_vesa: Found VESA VBE BIOS Version 3.0 Revideion: 100"
and stops
(OEM info: max framesize was 0 Byte)

is the version 3.0 unsupported ?

mfg Johannes

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> Hello!
> I've done new video output plugin for mplayer - vesa.
> Usage: mplayer -vo vesa filename.
> What is it:
> It's LRMI based code which supports video output through
> VESA BIOS of your video card.
> (LRMI - Linux real-mode interface.)
> It works only on x86 system and only if your videocard has VBE 2.0
compatible BIOS.
> It works everywhere if you has root privilegies, but it requires that you
be a ROOT.
> What's pluses:
> - It works with any video hardware which has VESA VBE 2.0+ BIOS.
>   ( If your hardware is not supported by Linux it will work on it
anyway ).
> - You can forgot about tv-out problems. (VESA VBE 2.0 specifies that if
>   video hardware has more than one video out, then BIOS should perform
>   of first head on every other.
> - It uses native driver which is names VIDEO BIOS and which was designed
>   by OEM vendor.
> - You don't need have any graphics related things (like X11, fbdev and so
>   (After mplayer terminating it returns to original video mode).
> - ...
> What's minuses:
> - It's first alpha release of driver.
> - Currently it works only with RGB(16-32) and BGR(16-32) video formats.
>   (YUV is not supported). But I thing it's not big problem.
>   (Anyway - we have Arpi and other developers for suggestions and feedback
> - It slower than native Linux drivers (like mga, dga, xv, x11 and so on)
>   and requires enough power CPU but it can be speedup (there are
> Any suggestions, feedback, reports are gladly accepted.
> Best regards! Nick
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