[MPlayer-users] Problem compiling

scorpio at acm.org scorpio at acm.org
Tue Oct 16 20:48:29 CEST 2001

On 16 Oct 2001 18:42:54 BST, Mike wrote:

> Could someone read the whole of the message next time. Here it is again and m
> y part is at the bottom and it is nothing to do with gcc 2.96. All I need is 
> a clue as to how to sort this problem. Thanks.

Maybe you should learn to quote properly. Put an extra level of quote
indentation ("> ") in front of the quoted lines, and cut out the unnecessary
parts. Quoting an entire email is bad netiquette.

I use gcc 2.95.2 and binutils 2.10.1 on a Pentium II (with MMX of course),
and I have no problems here. I think you can at least work around the problem
with "configure --disable-mmx" for now, or try different versions of the

Bryan Chan
scorpio at acm.org

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