[MPlayer-users] Slower with sound ?

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon Oct 15 13:12:29 CEST 2001


> Hi !
> I've been using mplayer for a while and it has been very fast in
> the past. But from version 0.17 I have some speed problems. When I'm trying
> to watch movies (either divx or mpeg) it says my cpu is to slow so that
> I should use -framedrop. In fact it is to slow to hold the synchronization.
> BTW, it's an Athlon1200 and it plays most movies fine & fast with
> aviplay. It did it before with mplayer version 0.17 and I don't know what
> has happened. BTW, playing the movie without sound seems to speed up
> the whole thing, I can even watch it with -vo sdl in fullscreen without
> framedrops.
> But it gets terrible slow with sound. I'm using XFree 4.1.0 and
> SDL 1.2.2.
> Any hints ?

soundcard driver problem. rtfm.

other players may work, as only mplayer uses soundcard timer as timebase.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

mailto:arpi at thot.banki.hu

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