[MPlayer-users] Help! XFree86 4.1.0 crashing when...

Dr. C. Mondal chitta at cse.iitkgp.ernet.in
Sun Oct 14 17:38:22 CEST 2001

My kernel is 2.2.5-15, /dev/hdc1 was configured as swap and the system had
been running fine for a long time (15 months), till now.
Of late, the system was crashing from time to time, about twice a week,
but rebooting fine (after running fsck).
So I have my suspicions on the VM now.

Friendly advice: May be a good idea to leave some of the earlier tracks in
the hdd unused, now that disk storage comes cheap.

/dev/hdc1                   swap                swap    defaults            0 0

  > I has my suspicions on the VM management of Linux.
  > I got the first partition of my extra HD configured as swap.
  > /dev/hdc2               /HDC2               ext2    defaults            0 0 
  > Now I find that the superblock is completely corrupted and the disk is
  > no longer accessible.
  > It could be a HD problem, but before my last boot I could access inner
  > directories but not the root and top level directories on that disk.

  ARGHHHH! I hope you're joking!! PLEASE. You can use a partition as swap
  partition or as file system (like ext2). If you use a partition as swap
  space OF COURSE it will be overwritten by swapped data! It's the normal
  behaviour for the first time when notion of 'swap partition' born.

  - Gabor


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