[MPlayer-users] TVout only working this way on Matrox G400

Evert Daman e.daman at its.tudelft.nl
Sun Oct 14 15:28:14 CEST 2001

Hi all,

i posted a message about the tvout not working a few
weeks ago, and a few persons contacted me telling me
they had the same problem with strange green horizontal
lines when switching to tty 3 on a pal tv... so i tried
something different then discribed in the video.html...

if i want tv-out i do it this way now:
./modules on tty1
./independ on tty1
switch to tty3 and on the tv you will see the login prompt,
with 6 big green lines.. try to login on tty3.
then run ./TV-640x512 (or any other script) on tty3. 
never switch back to tty1 after switching to tty3....
after running the script, you will see the console with
the right colors on your pal-tv... (i know, trying to
run the TV script is hard, because you can hardly see
in which dir you are when trying to read between the
green lines on the tv.

now the only way to play a movie is using the MGA
driver (mga_vid) because the fbdev will give you
an error message ("not supported by device).
so try playing a movie on tty3 with mplayer -vo mga
-x 640 -y 512 (or change the x and y size a bit for the
right aspect ratio)
it will play the movie fullscreen on my tv, with hardly
any frame drops...

maybe this helps for someone else too??


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