[MPlayer-users] Re: tv out with nvidia

Kukocs kukocs at programozo.hu
Sun Oct 14 10:16:46 CEST 2001

Oct 14-án, 06:29-kor MPlayer-users digest, Vol 1 #27 - 9 msgs témájú...:

:As far as I understood the docs this is the right behaviour. TwinView 
:(picture on tv+moni) does not support backend-scaling. The only thing the 
:"ConnectedMonitor" option does is to redirect the signal to tv-out instead of 
I know, I said only it's not the best reason...

:The Win* drivers seem to use some special feature not available in the linux 
:drivers. BTW: Are you sure that scaled video (not only profane 2D-Grafics) 
:does also appear on the tv? I've heard something like black video windows but 
:rest of desktop appearing correctly on tv. Don't know what chipset was 
:mentioned however.
my card was a mauni (or mauli i can't remember) geforce2 mx200,
with chipset brooktree xxx for tv out. 
i don't know what does it mean, profane 2d graf... and what scaled
video, i only know, i tried unreal tournament, and it worked fine.
i tried mplayer with mpeg's, mpeg-4's, a dvd, and all of them worked
fine, in window, and in full screen mode ( with sdl out)
my computer: 128Mb ram, 466 cel I. I think, they shouldn't be work
without xv hardware scaling, or should? 



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