[MPlayer-users] "fullscreen" sizes

Tomi Ollila Tomi.Ollila at sonera.com
Fri Oct 12 15:48:35 CEST 2001


I have a Voodoo 3 3000 with TV-Out. Normally I am running it w/ resolution
1024x768 (since the monitor I currently have sucks...)
Anyway, when I wan't to use the TV-Out I have to switch the resolution
to 800x600 in order to get working picture (By pressing ctrl-alt-num+).

But since the "virtual" desktop is still in resolution 1024x768, mplayer
opens the fullscreen window of that resolution.

To get "fullscreen" window that for that other resolution I have run
mplayer -x 800 -y 600, and then had some pain get the window cover
just the visible area... (`xwit' has helped lately, but that is not good
for general use).

Now, I suggest that int the future, there should be option to open
borderless mplayer window in user spesified size and coordinates (or,
coordinates can also be +0+0).

The first suggestion of options to do this could be that if -x and -y
are used w/ -fs, borderless window w/ upper left coordinates of 0,0
and given size (parsed as now) is opened. Currently (as CVS 20011012)
-x and -y options seems to have no effect when -fs is used.

The problem here is that what if user has defined some defaults for -x and
-y in some config file -- and it is expected that -fs always opens 
fullscreen window -- that would not work together as expected... more
complex configuration/commandline handling could handle this, but
may cause suprising results for users (and more traffic to this list ;/)

Therefore I suggest another option -- good old X `-geometry' -option.
If this option is used, the window is forced to this size and position
(the same sizing heuristic that is used w/ -x and -y could be used).
If -fs is given, the window will be borderless and if not, it will
work like now, just that position can be given there.

Another option could be `-fsgeometry', if -geometry is too generic.

What do you think -- I can even patch the agreed solution in, 
if there is one to become.


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