[MPlayer-users] DirectShow Help Please

erwin hermans herrie at damien.kotnet.org
Thu Oct 11 23:05:59 CEST 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Santiago Ballester wrote:

> HI
> System
> CPU:Pentium III 667 Mhz FSB 133
> RAM: 320 MB
> OS: Linux RedHat 7.0 (last kernel) I don't remeber the number and I am at work now
> cc: gcc 3.0.0 (I know its not recommended) also cpp, g++
> I can compile, make and all with option "--disable-dshow" and everything works perfect but I want to test it with
> DirectShow support
> I get the next message from configure :
> "..........
> Checking for Win32 DLL support ... yes
> Checking for DirectShow ... yes
> Checking if your compiler 'gcc' supports C++ ... no
> Your C++ compiler does not support C++, make sure you have enabled it on
> compiler compilation or for binary packages, make sure the appropriate
> packages are installed!
> If you don't need DirectShow support, you can also use:
> ./configure --disable-dshow <your-normal-configure-options>
> to disable building of the C++ based DirectShow code. "
> What  are the binary packages I need to have c++ support?
This just means that your gcc-c++ en libstdc++ are not the same version.
Upgrade libstdc++ and libstdc++-devel to the same version as your gcc-c++
(it worked for me when i got similar errors from other programs i was
trying to compile)

> I never got the gcc source and compile it, should I do it?
> Thanks.

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