[MPlayer-users] Fwd: Re: Re: mplayer-0.5 GUI

Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetilho at linpro.no
Wed Oct 10 13:48:55 CEST 2001

Balazs Lengyak <mplayer at kign.org> writes:

> >  Now, I do respect the RTFM, but the mplayer-devel team must be doing
> > something wrong, since all of those people are constantly asking those
> > stupid questions over and over again..
> Its not the RTFM. Its the user itself. Personally I do not like
> reading manual, and I usually manage without it, but not always.

It's both.  IMHO, two relatively easy things to do which could help:

  1. Move the faq.html and documentation.html out of DOCS and into the
     top directory.  Preferably the two documents should be merged
     into one README or INSTALL file.

  2. Convert them into plain text

I really hate to read documentation with lynx.  Less is a lot more
user friendly.  Also, it would be nice if a native English speaker
looked through the text.  You don't have to be a hardcore C coder to
do this.  Any volunteers?

Kjetil T.

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