[MPlayer-users] Fwd: Re: Re: mplayer-0.5 GUI

Jesper L. Nielsen lyager at phunkbros.dk
Wed Oct 10 13:38:01 CEST 2001

* Balazs Lengyak (mplayer at kign.org) [2001-10-10 13:22]:
> Its not the RTFM. Its the user itself. Personally I do not like reading
> manual, and I usually manage without it, but not always.

True, same here..

> Remember its a lot easier to shot a question here than reading manuals
> for a few minutes.

I'm not that sure.. Usually I find it a pain in the a** to first
subscribe and the write to the mailing list. I'd rather use the internet
if possible..
 Now, looking on the mplayer webpage the FAQ isn't that easy to find.
Most users go through the webpage to download the source, why not put
either 'Documentation' og 'FAQ' in the top menu?
 Another, maybe smaller thing, is that usually when I'm compilling code
and there is trouble, I go into the source catalogue, and look for a
'README' file. However the structure of the MPlayer source tree is the
(to me) less know DOCS directory.. 

Only ideas :)

> I say nothing wrong with the manual, but with the user. Maybe an e-mail robot
> backed with an extensive FAQ database... ;)

Haha :) And ofcourse some 'easter-eggs' implemented :)

Jesper L. Nielsen

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