[MPlayer-users] Fwd: Re: Re: mplayer-0.5 GUI

Robinson, Chad crobinson at rfgonline.com
Wed Oct 10 03:48:29 CEST 2001

Arpi wrote:
> i really should set up an auto-reply bot sending 'rtfm' for 
> my email.

Actually, somebody suggested a very good idea earlier (maybe you?) Why don't
you just ignore the mplayer-users list? The people on this list know most of
the problems that people can have, so it's a waste of your time to see this
unless you want a pat on the back. In that case, send any of the regular
list writers a message and we'll be happy to oblige. :-)

Seriously, this project has taken on a life of its own. You and the other
MPlayer developers have put together something a lot of people are using,
because it's GOOD. It's got some problems, but hell, Linux still can't scale
to a lot of processors very well and it's been available to the public
since, what, 1993? MPlayer is great, but you don't have to coddle the
newbies yourself to keep it that way!

Regards, and my personal thanks,

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