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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue Oct 9 20:01:17 CEST 2001


>     Belive me i spent fucking hours reading documentation on this shit, and
we don't force you to use this "shit". go use the real shit, called
windows. it's able to read mode2 cdrom disks without kernel patching.

> I still don't know the difference between VCD and mpeg. and why they have to
this is out of the topic of mplayer manual.

> be played differenty, or even why I have to play the cd instead of the file.
because the mpeg movie is written to the raw disk track, not into a file on a
file system. windows emulates a .DAT file and show the content of this mpeg
in it. it's a fake thing, and linux doesn't do that. btw there are kernel
patches for this shit, if you really want to play the move as file, you need
one. but i wrote this in my reply to your first mail. but you just say it's
shit instead of reading what am i writting and thinking a bit.

> thanks again for your help?? I think..
my first mail was a help. others can confirm.
second one was the result of idegcounter overflow.

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