[MPlayer-users] Re: License

Tom Mraz t8m at centrum.cz
Tue Oct 9 12:40:36 CEST 2001

> This can be a problem.  A project I worked on (OCSweb) did more or
> less the same thing (GPL with very small ammendment, much smaller than
> proposed here) and RMS took offense.  He says if it's not 100% pure
> GPL you mustn't use GPL at all.
> Cyan

Yes, Mplayer actually violates the GPL. Because you can't distribute
anything which is derivative of some GPLed work with different license than
GPL. The license of the included things would have to be at least LGPL and
then you would have to include these included things by dynamic linking at
runtime (no static linking). Other way you aren't allowed to distribute the
So GPLed program isn't possible to link with proprietary codecs DLLs.

Tomas Mraz

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