[MPlayer-users] Sitting back to relax a while

Mplayer user mplayer at kittypuss.org
Mon Oct 8 18:57:17 CEST 2001

Since I can't use gcc 3 or 296 as they are bad,
and I can't downgrade since mandrake complains about
breaking dependencies, I am going to lurk awhile,
sit back, drink a soda, have a smoke, and watch
the development of the list.

On my old Mandrake 8.0 it ran kick ass,
so I am sure that when the compiler issues
are a thing of the past, and the project
has pressed on, I will become active again.

Great player, (works better than winblows
media player!) good project, but too much for
me to handle right now, I can wait.

Don't give up fellas, keep kicking butt,
and I'm sure with that, the project will
continue to blast microsoft out of the
water, and we can all sit back,
play a good movie with Mplayer,
and laugh at microsoft as they
go bankrupt (well, hey I can
dream can't I?)

Good luck with the project fellas,
I will still be here reading the
list, and good job!

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