[MPlayer-users] rant

André Dahlqvist andre.dahlqvist at telia.com
Mon Oct 8 17:56:25 CEST 2001

Arpi <arpi at thot.banki.hu> wrote:

> there is 'forbidden', not 'illegal' :)
> we can't make you into the jail if you do it.

I thought about that too, but the way it is currently written I think it
means that. You're saying that the license is the same as GPL apart from
the fact that you cannot distribute binaries. Doesn't that mean it's
distributed under a license which does not allow re-distributing
binaries, and doing so is a violation of that?

When it comes to these things it is good to be extra clear.

André Dahlqvist <andre.dahlqvist at telia.com>

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