[MPlayer-users] rant

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon Oct 8 17:10:43 CEST 2001


> > Hmm, AFAIK this is standard procedure in debian that makes people think
> > before they do something wrong automatically.
> > This is obviously the case.
> > "Yes I know exactly what I'm doing"
> > "Yes, I am completely sure that's what I want to do"
> This is obviously not the case, because MPlayer 0.50 compiled with gcc 2.96 
> works very well on my Mandrake 8.1. I tested it on 20-25 differents 
Maybe mdk 8.1 contains newer (with (some) bugs fixed) gcc 2.96.
DO you know a method of detecting gcc 2.96 package release?
Old versions come in 8.0 and redhat 7.x are buggy. And we can't make
the difference (neither test which works and which no) as all gcc reports
2.96. Isn't the version number used by redhat people? It should be gcc
2.96.x and x is the release (so we can change the check to allow for example
2.96.85 but don't allow 2.96.81)

> videos/movies and it works flawlessly.
> If it's really something wrong it should be removed completely, no ? So why 
> does it work ?
It depends on cpu and enabled features.

Please stop this thread. We won't change our mind.
We (the mplayer developers) all agree in that some release of gcc 2.96
are buggy, so we don't recommend using it.
(and don't accept bugreports from users who use it and has problems, mainly
because of the gcc 2.96 bugs)

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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