[Mplayer-users] DeCSS

Patrick Lane patrick.m.lane at csun.edu
Mon Oct 8 00:08:50 CEST 2001

All I know, is that in the past, when libcss has been detected, I've 
been able to play DVDs without a hitch. At the moment, with only 
libdvdread detected, Gladiator runs jerky, almost like there are hiccups 
in the data stream. Cast Away runs the same way, except it has no sound 
either. Am I doing something wrong?


Attila Kinali wrote:

>On Sun, 07 Oct 2001 02:13:27 -0700 Patrick Lane <patrick.m.lane at csun.edu> wrote:
>>--enable-new-gui however, it says there is no DeCSS support. I 
>Read again. libcss <-> libdvdread
>Both do mainly the same, but are different
>		Attila Kinali

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