[Mplayer-users] Re: aalib question

Kukocs kukocs at programozo.hu
Thu Oct 4 20:56:23 CEST 2001

Oct 3-án, 11:48-kor Mplayer-users digest, Vol 1 #446 - 18 msgs témájú...:

:> How am I able to make print-screens from a movie, and than how am I able
:> to save it in files???? 
:use the power of unix:
:export TERM=ansi
:mplayer -vo aa movie.avi >textfilebazze.txt
Great!! Thanks!
:your winuser friend (ehh you should select friends better :)) I'll!
:can load ansi.sys in config.sys, and then do 'type textfilebazze.txt'
:> PS.:a new feature with theese things gonna be better than everything! :)
:no comment...
Yes, you are right, i mean, that a feature, with save pics would be
great! (you press a button and the _currently vied frame_ is saved by
mplayer as an image !) Like powerDVD capture frame !! (or is there a
button for this??/

By, many-many thanks for developer of Your Great work!


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