[Mplayer-users] FAQ entry concerning gcc 2.96

Roger D. Vargas roger at eht.scu.tur.cu
Fri Oct 5 21:41:38 CEST 2001

On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Alex Kanavin wrote:

> This FAQ entry is inaccurate:
> This "MMX asm codes are skipped" problem has been fixed for ages, since
> June 2001 as far as I remember. So the FAQ maintainer should probably come
> up with a new real problem (3DNOW! compile errors would do for the moment,
> till someone fixes that as well ;) or remove the whole Q/A altogether.
I have Redhat 7.1, without any update applied, what is the state of that
gcc 2.96? I compiled mplayer .18 in a k6-2 266 Mhz and seems to work very
stable  and the speed is aceptable (can play an asf file, using
-framedrop, with good quality and sync)

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