[Mplayer-users] Typo or bug? (playing not 100% standard avi with divx codec)

Lenkehegyi Béla lenkehegyi at inerkom.hu
Fri Oct 5 15:43:05 CEST 2001

Hello there,

I'm not on the list, I'm just writing about a possible bug or typo concerning mplayer 0.50pre3. If the divx avi file has "viddiv3" in the codec description instead of "vidDIV3" the movie won't play. Using a hexeditor to update it to "vidDIV3" solves the problem. It's not a big one but if someone doesn't know the avi file format it can be annoying. The original file under windows can be played with mplayer, microdvd player, etc. 

Thanks, Thifi

PS: I don't want anybody to react to this letter but a fix would be useful to novice users. However I'm sorry but due to lack of time I couldn't check if the cvs version also has the same problem.
PS2: The file I was hacking is "vite-divx-ffantasy.avi", the Final Fantasy movie.
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