[Mplayer-users] rricm.dll vfw codec

Jiri Svoboda jiri.svoboda at seznam.cz
Fri Oct 5 13:19:43 CEST 2001

> > > i uploaded a dll that i would really like to see supported by
> mplayer. it
> > > is the codec used to encode videos captured from the matrox
> tv boards. i'm
> > > not sure if i'm supposed to email the mailing list to request the
> > > codec. what should i do?
> >
> > mplayer isn't meant as a capture program, -vo odvix just was
> for testing.
> > And afaik, Arpi doesnt plan anything in this direction.
> i have plans for everything :)
> especially for integrating ffmpeg as base of capture/encode/converter tool
> using mplayer's codec base and libvo2. (it's a far plan, don't
> expect in the
> near future)
> > Maybe we should inlcude a list of video editing/capturing tools in
> > the FAQ as such questions come now every week.
> yes, maybe.
> btw the poster of the above message imho meant decoding/playing of files
> encoded with matrox card.

Whats about to support hardware decoding of mjpeg via matrox-rrg (using RRG
v4l drivers)?
And second question. What is relation between mga_vid a it's ancestor from
RRG v4l drivers. Now is not possible to use rrg v4l drivers for mplayer. Do
you plan to reintroduce compatibality? Eg. to use v4l drivers and overlay
(with their hardware YUV conversion)?


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