[Mplayer-users] GUI.

Renaud MICHEL r.michel at planetinternet.be
Thu Oct 4 20:42:26 CEST 2001

Le Jeudi 4 Octobre 2001 20:10, vous avez écrit :
> Hi. I've compiled and installed the two latest betas, trying to get the
> GUI working.
> I tried to find switches for configure, but found none. I compiled and
> installed. Had no idea what to do. Issuing the command 'mplayer' only
> gives help, no GUI on issuing 'mplayer file.ext'. I saw it installed a
> binary called fibmap_mplayer, but this one returns: Bad usage, and a
> number when passing a file to it.
> I went into the Gui subdirectory and made make there... after that I
> made make and make install in the main tree... no difference. MPlayer is
> still GUI-less.
> I've searched in the source tree for binaries, but found none that seem
> to be the GUI.
> Yes, I have unpacked default.tar.{bz2, gz} into
> $PREFIX/share/mplayer/Skin/default. Therein lies the skin files.
> I'm at a loss here. What more can I do?

If you had searched the ML archive just a little you will have found that you 
have to pass the option --enable-gui (or --enable-new-gui?) to the configure 

Il vaut mieux un bon copier/coller qu'une mauvaise généralisation.


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