[Mplayer-users] Video window has right size, but mplayer zooms on left hWed Oct 3 09:37:22 2001

Jesper L. Nielsen lyager at phunkbros.dk
Wed Oct 3 10:12:38 CEST 2001

* Arpi (arpi at thot.banki.hu) [2001-10-03 09:43]:
> > That didn't work either.. Nice fullscreen, no CPU trouble with speed,
> > sound is there, and my zoomed left side of the movie is displayed..
> > 
> > It's isn't the AVI that's the problem either..
> it's broken Xv driver. (not mplayer bug)
> try -vo x11 or others, they must work.

x11 works fine, but leaves me unable to stretch the screen at all. It
is, as you say yourself, probably a broken Xv driver. What worries me,
is the fact that no-one else seems to have this problem (I've looked
under every rock).

As said in the original posting, it happened when upgrading some
packages, so someone else must be runing the same version of XV as me,
but no-one seems to have the problem :-/

Jesper L. Nielsen

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