[Mplayer-users] mplayer latest CVS & gui fullscreen

Rajesh Fowkar hsejar at gmx.co.uk
Wed Oct 3 02:49:10 CEST 2001

Forwarded this mail to icewm-user list. May be mathias can help here.

>and icewm sucks, 

Arpi. Why u guys say icewm sucks always ????


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[Linux One Stanza Tip]	From : <mithun.b at egurucool.com>
LOST #125	 -**< Sub : Setting system date and time >**-
All the clocks should be using the system time. To change that 
use the date command. Example :
#date -s "09/24/2001 12:13:00" 
This should set your time to Sep 24 2001, 12:13:00

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