[Mplayer-users] off topic: mp on ps2 ?

Nima upbg at rz.uni-karlsruhe.de
Tue Oct 2 00:03:05 CEST 2001

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 09:43:25PM +0200, Sascha Sommer wrote:
> As you know there is a special linux version for sonys Playstation 2
> Even if I don't have such a thing and I will never buy one, it would be
> interesting for me
> to know if it would be possible to compile mplayer on such a thing and watch
> movies with it. What do you think ?
i think it should work. because it is a red hat linux. and mplayer depends
on the librarys and not on the cpu (the ps2 has a risc-cpu). 
please correct me if i m wrong


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