[MPlayer-users] Re: G400/ATI Xpert200 and G200 performance was: Re: [MPlayerThu Nov 1 22:38:06 2001

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Nov 1 21:40:49 CET 2001


> I would go for the matrox G400. The mga_vid video sink for mplayer is
> awsome and matrox in general is a lot of fun on linux. Btw. I can only
> get superhigh performance out of mga_vid with YUY2 but not with YV12.
> It's about 100% slower with YV12.

do you have G200 ? g200 has no direct YV12 support, it needs a conversion
step, it may slow down things (needs some MMX optimization).

> Of course I would like to combine the perforemance of mga_vid with
> odivx. Is this even possible? Or is this unsupported by the matrox g200?

odivx is the same as divx4 but odivx outputs yv12 while divx4 outputs yuy2.

> There is something in the mga_vid code about YV12 but I can't find
> anything that does pixel format conversion. What's the bottleneck there?
> Is it possible to render directly into video ram? Why are these memory
> copy operations necessary at all?
mplayer is not ready for direct rendering yet. it's planned in libvo2, as
requiers lots of changes in design.

btw, for g200 you won't be able to do direct render, as it requires

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