[Mplayer-users] Bug Report: Audio corruption with recent CVS versions

Felix von Leitner leitner at convergence.de
Thu May 31 15:33:42 CEST 2001

Thus spake Felix Buenemann (atmosfear at users.sourceforge.net):
> > Excuse me?
> > Your behaviour is acceptable if it is a known bug that is being
> > reported.  In a few months, everyone will use gcc 3.0.  Postponing
> > looking at bug reports that will bite you then is a really dumb idea.
> GCC 3.0 might be ok, but GCC 2.96 that comes with redhat is know to be buggy
> so he shouldn't use it (maybe look at DOCS/BUGS). And I don't know what's
> wrong with trying a compiler first that's know to compie mplayer fine.

That mail was sent by you before he said he was using 2.96.

> > Do you have a reading problem?
> > The constraints look inconsistent.
> > If your gcc is broken and does not complain, YOUR gcc is buggy, not his.
> Code is usually not compiled for me as I have a Intel cpu, just forced use of
> 3dnow instructions and tried to compile 2 days ago or so and it showed no
> errors.

So why did you write anything, then?
The code is not used for you, you don't know anything about the gcc
assembly interface, and you didn't write the offending code in the first

> > Why don't you spend some time reading up on gcc inline assembly
> > constraints instead of bullying people here?
> Why don't you spend some time fixing it and sending a patch if you
> know how to?

I am not sure yet.  That's why I didn't write anything on the list.
If you don't know, don't talk.

It's really that easy.


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