[Mplayer-users] Sound problems

Gabucino gabucino at k2.jozsef.kando.hu
Tue May 29 18:27:29 CEST 2001

It's the Question that drives us, Arpi :
> but afaik esd can be "disabled" with 'esddsp', and alsa has oss emulation.
> so they work this way, but it isn't native support.
BTW interesting results..

--($:~/Media/Movie)-- esddsp mplayer-0.11pre24 -vo null El-Hazard-TV-OP.mpg
mplayer-0.11pre24: error while loading shared libraries: libesddsp.so: cannot
open shared object file: No such file or directory

So it doesn't work.. But :

--($:~/Media/Movie)-- strace -o /dev/null esddsp mplayer-0.11pre24 -vo null El-

Works! Who understands this.. :) This last one works (but sound very bad) on my
ES688 with OSS, plays audio too fast with GUS ACE on OSS (some people wanted
this feature, not?:))) , but with ALSA it doesn't use the esd daemon! (killall
esd has no effect:) (although the same slow/quick effect occurs as above!)
Note it was 0.11pre24. Current CVS doesn't work.

So ESD go to hell. (maybe new FAQ entry? :)

p.s.: just a quick test, it was.

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