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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue May 29 14:16:09 CEST 2001


> Arpi wrote somewhere else:
> >We will release MPlayer 0.18 next monday with GPL license. For this, I have
> >to remove opendivx from mplayer source tree, because it isn't GPL.
> Oops, one week of holiday and I missed the whole license debate? 
No. it takes much longer, but it happened behind the scenes ;)

> Did you really strip down mplayer to GPL? Or is this just the usual "sure, sure, 
> it's GPL"-thing?

Gabucino asked authors of all code we used/integrated, and they all agree
with GPL. Except 3 things, mp3lib, alaw/ulaw codecs and opendivx.

mp3lib is simple. it based on mpg123 what isn't GPL. but the same files
(layer3.c and dct stuff) exists in the mpglib (it's GPL!) too, so we can
simply say that it's based on mpglib :)

alaw/ulaw is solved with a nice trick: we created alaw/ulaw decoding table
using sox. sox isn't GPL, but we didn't use its source, we used the
program 'sox' to decode an alaw file to wav, and then used this wav file for
creating the tables ;)  (see TOOLS/alaw-gen.c)

opendivx is a bigger problem. we want to make it downloadable as a separated
package (maybe as a patch for mplayer release).

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