[Mplayer-users] Sound problem with -vo x11 at 16bpp.

havner alien at staszic.waw.pl
Wed May 16 00:59:07 CEST 2001

> I do get to see the picture after using the suggested workaround:
> ./configure --disable-mmx

Don't use workaround, downgrade gcc to 2.95.x

> But I now get a ringing sound when the soundtrack is played.
> This problem was not there when I was not getting the picture.
> The sound then was clear to a layman.
> I am running mplayer on a 800MHz Pentium-III, 128MB RAM and i810 chip
> set, no audio/video card, RedHat Linux 7.0 (2.2.16-2).

I suggest upgrading kernel to 2.4 and use SSE (Arpi: what is MMX2?)

> Would playing at a different bpp (not 16bpp) with the default configure
> (sans workaround) be of any help?
> (I need help to change the bpp of X11).

in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4  (if you use X 4.0)

Section "Screen"
            Defaultdepth 16        -        change it to 24 or 15


alien at boss.staszic.waw.pl
havner at wp.pl

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