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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue May 15 20:03:03 CEST 2001


> >It's the Question that drives us, Christoph Lampert :
> >> Do you need really need X-Path? what for? 
> >RTFM MPlayer-FAQ line 118
> I could almost BET, that just answering in 2 workds would be faster than 
> finding out, what line number to post. But never mind...
true :)
btw we should use BUG-IDs instead of line numbers.
just give a simple word name for each bugs.

btw gabuccino must have hotkey for the RTFM word :)

> * Q: During 'make', MPlayer complains about X11 libraries. I don't understand,
> *    I DO have X installed!?
> * A: ...but you don't have the X development package installed. 
> So, Cappucino, I am very well aware of the fact, that MPlayer needs the 
> X-Path during the compiling process itself. But that's not the question. 
> Question was, why it would need the X-Path on the machines it's later  
> _running_ on. RTFQ! 
Not need. Not the path. You have to know which X version is installed
and which features/extensions are available! And it's in the X includes
and libraries at the X path :)

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