[Mplayer-users] Bug with -idx option

Tom Mraz t8m at centrum.cz
Thu May 10 06:57:40 CEST 2001

On Sat, 5 May 2001, Arpi wrote:

> Hi,
> > mplayer is a really great program! Thank you developers!
> >
> > But I have found one bug:
> >
> > When I run the mplayer on some .avi file without index with the -idx option
> > it doesn't start playing. It wrotes messages about that it can't load the
> > codec's dlls. However they are there and when I play the .avi file without
> > the -idx option it seems to work fine, but I can't skip forward and back the
> > movie.
> This really seems to be a bug. I need such file(s) to reproduce and
> trace here. Can you please upload one to
> ftp://thot.banki.hu/MPlayer/incoming ?

I've finally uploaded the first 2000000 bytes of the file to the ftp server.
But the error with the -idx doesn't show up if I use it on the shortened
file. It happens only on the whole file. There is some problem with the big
index overwriting some parts of memory necessary to load the dlls or
something simmilar.

Here are the messages from the mplayer console:
Detected AVI file format!
==> Found video stream: 0
==> Found audio stream: 1
AVI: Generated index table for 0 chunks!
VIDEO:  [DIV3]  320x240  24bpp  25.00 fps  659.8 kbps (80.5 kbyte/s)
[V] filefmt:3  fourcc:0x33564944  size:320x240  fps:25.00  ftime:=0.0400
Found audio codec: [msadpcm] drv:4 (MS ADPCM)
Loading DLL: /usr/lib/win32/msadp32.acm  OK
AUDIO: samplerate=44100  channels=2  bps=2
Found video codec: [divxds] drv:4 (DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3))
Loading DLL: /usr/lib/win32/divx_c32.ax  FAILED!
DirectShow generic filter: FATAL: Could not open DLL at DS_Filter.cpp:42
ERROR: Couldn't open required DirectShow codec: divx_c32.ax
Maybe you forget to upgrade your win32 codecs?? It's time to download the
package from:  ftp://thot.banki.hu/esp-team/linux/MPlayer/w32codec.zip  !
Or you should disable DShow support: make distclean;make -f Makefile.No-DS

And I have another problem. When I play some wide-angle movie on my computer
with NVidia Riva TNT in fullscreen mode using the xv driver on the bottom of
the movie is displayed a flashing violet line. It's very annoying and
disturbing. When I switch to some lower resolution using ctrl-alt-+ the
movie is too big to fit on screen but when I move the visible part of the
screen the violet line sometimes disappears.

I have current binary drivers by NVidia.

Thanks for any help,

Tomas Mraz

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