[Mplayer-users] AMD K6-2/500

Brano Zilka zilka at sturak.sk
Fri May 4 17:14:37 CEST 2001

Hello everybody!

This is my first message here, so don`t beat me please :)


My PC:

AMD K6-2/500 + ATI Rage Pro Turbo AGP 4MB + 128 Megs of RAM
kernel 2.4.4-ac4, latest stable SDL (1.2 I think), xfree 4.0.3
latest w32 binaries, successfully compiled and installed mplayer 0.17a :)

My computer plays M$ DivX avi`s with resolutions ~ 640x300 and stereo mp3 sound
too slow. When I use -nosound switch, everything is ok (but quiet).
Is it normal? Should I expect more video performance on my system?
I am little disapointed :(

I use modified driver for my card from www.gatos.org which supports
x-video extension.

Everithing looks work good but usually too slow.

BTW: When I use -nosound switch, CPU consumption by video codec rapidly
falls (for ex. from 80% to 50%). Is A-V sync so big thing in video codec?

PS: My usual cmdline: mplayer -vo xv -afm 1 video.avi


Brano Zilka

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