[Mplayer-users] Known BUGS - second edition :)

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Wed May 2 02:41:02 CEST 2001



> > 1. SIGILL (signal 4) in draw_frame, on P3 (mostly 2.2.x kernels):
> >   Problem: movups is crashing in libvo/fastmemcpy.h
> >   Workaround:  ./configure --disable-fastmemcpy  
Disables SSE code, MMXEXT is about the same speed and it's stable.
Please try it now (without --disable-fastmemcpy) if you had probelms with SSE.

> > 2. No image (black image) in RGB 16bpp (X11, SDL etc) playing MPEG files:
> >   Problem: bug(?) in MMX YV12->RGB16 converter code
> >   Workaround: ./configure --disable-mmx 
> Note: SDL is not affected, only these: x11,dga,fbdev,svga
> (others has own YV12->RGB implementation (SDL) or uses YV12 directly (Xv))
Still not solved... We need much more info about systems with this problems.
I think it's specific to 2.2.x SMP kernel with dual P3 CPUs. If you have
this problem on different config, lpease report it. If you are code, please
try to track down where is the problem, and help us fixing it.
(We can't reproduce this, because has no dual P3 here)

> > 3. SIGILL or other fault at loading l3codeca.acm:
> >   Problem: shared libs are loaded to 0x00100000 instead of 0x40000000
> >   Workaround: mplayer -afm 1 ...
It's specific to some security kernel patches like OpenWall.
They change high byte of lib adderss from 0x40 to 0x00 to avoid some
kind of buffer overflow exploits. It's nice idea but break loading
non-relocatable DLLs like l3codeca.acm.

> - bad file (this case you can upload the file, so we can check & fix)
Also upload a .txt with same filename describing the problem and including
mplayer -v output. Thanks!

If you have A-V sync problems after seeking only, then please try to
play that movie with -bps option, and check A-V sync _without_ seeking!
If A-V sync is ok with -bps, but not ok after seek, then it's a bug.
Otherwise problem with file, it has wrong BPS value in the header.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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