[Mplayer-users] fullscreen change with new version?

Gabucino gabucino at k2.jozsef.kando.hu
Sat Jun 30 14:24:05 CEST 2001

It's the Question that drives us, Mengmeng Zhang :
> I'm running on a PII-400, Matrox G450, XFree 4.1.0 with DRI and Xv
> enabled, gcc 2.95.3-release, Linux kernel 2.4.5, with the mga_vid module
> (of course). It's technically RedHat 5.1 but I've upgraded all the
> packages to about RH 6.2/7.0 equiv, I think.  It's sort of a weird
You forgot to tell us that you use KDE ;)
So. There was the first -fs behaviour which worked everywhere except icewm.
Then came the famous ICCCM patch, which fixed it for icewm, but broke it with
WindowMaker. And now this patch has been patched, and now it's broken with
KDE (?).

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