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Dariusz Pietrzak dariush at ajax.umcs.lublin.pl
Tue Jun 26 11:20:23 CEST 2001

FMV playback: By far the best video player I've found is MPlayer. This has
played everything I've thrown at it so far. It uses the avifile way of
loading windows DLLs for codecs so you need the set of DLLs in
/usr/lib/win32 (you can get them from the avifile site, I think)

However, it also comes with some interesting drivers for the G200/G400.
Under the drivers subdir of the mplayer source there is a kernel module
for the mga_vid device. This allows applications to use the hardware
scaling and colour conversion which really speeds up playing.

After building and insmodding the mga_vid.o you need to create a device
for it with mknod /dev/mga_vid c 178 0. After this you need to run the
configure script for mplayer again and rebuild it. Once you have done this
you can use the switch -vo mga (console mode) or -vo xmga (in X) to use
it. Note that this conflicts with Xv (the X video extension, load the
extmod X module) and you might need to reboot to get Xv working again. In
X, Xv does almost the same thing that xmga does except that xmga can play
on the second-head.

Mplayer really is worth playing with - it's a great piece of work

 by agl at linuxpower.org

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