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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue Jun 19 18:49:13 CEST 2001


> > No. Once you have an .rm file, you can do three things with it: watch it
> > with realplayer, extract the sound with some special tricks (substituting
> > the sound device), and throw the file away.
> ffmpeg allows encoding to .rm -- so the format has to be understood
> somewhat.
ffmpeg uses the very first realvideo 1.x file format (it was public).
But they are using 7.x/8.x now. it's very very different, but the realvideo
players understood v1.x files too (for compatibility reasons)

so, from an 1.x encoder you can't make an 7.x/8.x player.

> A friend of mine once did a conversion of some .rm stuff to mpeg using
> analog. He put the realplayer window's upper-left corner in the upper-left
> corner of the screen, and played the .rm over TV out, recording that
> analog signal simultaneously on his TV tuner card. Then he cropped off the
> everything not in the video and compressed to MPEG. 
ehh. what the hack, and quality loss.

> The result actually looked better than the original .rm because the analog
> step helped smooth the graininess. 
hardware postprocessing acceleration :)

> Not optimal -- but don't forget, we are analog creatures and analog is our
> friend :)

btw. under linux, you can make some hack:
(it's IMHO, i'm unsure, just my tipp)
grab X11 source, and hack an uncompressed file writer into the
XImage display function. it will be called for every frame by realvideo
player. so you'll have the rm file uncompressed, you have to only get sound
with similar trick (using esd, or patching kernel :)) and encode them
into some linux-friendly format.

if they are using external X libs (dynamically linked), then it' smuch
simpler: make a simple Xlib wrapper, with file-writter included.

it needs some system programming skills, but once someone started it,
he will have many time to finish it in the jail =)

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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