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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue Jun 19 18:40:28 CEST 2001


> Should the following be added to FAQ, perhaps?
Yes. Gabucino?

> > I am fed up with the realplayer for linux. I mean, it sickens me because I
> > want to see all typ of movies in my mplayer! Is there a hint on how to watch
> > quicktime and "real" movies in mplayer? I hope.
> There's no way to do it. Therefore these formats deserve to die in flames.
> Theoretically you can reverse engineer Real codecs built for Linux (they
> are available as .so files), but in practice that's really difficult, even
> if you know how the compiler used by Real is making assembler code.
> As for QuickTime, it's possible to play some old movies and this
> capability will be added to mplayer soon (afai understood), but newer
> clips are all Sorenson encoded, and that codec is built-in deep in the QT
> executable, there's no way to use it.

mov/qt fileformat support is in the TODO, because I want to make it for
many reasons:
- 3ivx files are qt/mov format
- philips' mpeg4 sterams are really qt/mov files
- uncompressed qt/mov (for encoding/conversion capabilities, coming soon)
- old qt/mov files (CVID/CRAM codecs) support

i've alerady implemented mov file parser about 2 months ago. check it
in TOOLS/movinfo.c
only a few small things are still missing, for example 'fps' value.

i'll re-organize fileformat support (separate from mplayer.c, and move to
plugins or a library) and _after_it_ i'll add qt/mov (and wav, mp3 etc)
file formats.

> Well, MS formats should also die, but at least you can play them...
> until MS makes some incompatible change or discovers mplayer and threatens
> the authors with legal action. It actually did so already (VirtualDub).
It seems to they aren't interested in linux programs. VirtualDub is
windows prg, and make less money for their m$ media encoder stuff.

> So... go with OpenDivX and Ogg Vorbis, these codecs are progressing quite
> fast. And they're truly open.
Agree. Btw opendivx development is still very alpha, both the speed and

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