[Mplayer-users] OpenDIVX problem

Felix Buenemann atmosfear at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jun 19 18:24:31 CEST 2001

On Tuesday, 19. June 2001 16:38, you wrote:
> I installed succesfully the last version of mplayer.
> It works fine with `normal' avis and with divx avis which are reproduced
> with the codec divxds.
> The problem is with divx avis which should be reproduced with the codec
> odivx: they are loaded, saying it's using the codec odivx and everything
> works fine, except for the fact that the window is completely black...
> No errors whatsoever, simply no video.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks, Stefano
Please read DOCS/BUGS and DOCS/BUGREPORTS (if it's the problem I guess it's 
solved in current CVS mplayer).
Best Regards,

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