[Mplayer-users] Done a patch for better scaling/aspect ratio handling

Stephen Davies steved-mplayer-users at daviesfam.org
Sun Jun 17 00:15:16 CEST 2001


I've made some mplayer changes to improve handling of video aspect ratios,
scaling etc.

The changes take into account source video aspect ratio, display aspect
ratio to try to ensure the display window has exactly the right shape.

For example - aspect 3 MPEG files now come up in a 1024x576 window by
default.  720x576 is scaled to 768x576 to adjust for the non-square
CCIR601 pixels.  Etc.

The code also understands that the display pixels may not be square -
which I need for my funny 1440x576 display mode.

Where do I send the patch?


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