[Mplayer-users] Duron compilation

Nick Kurshev nickols_k at mail.ru
Sat Jun 16 23:57:45 CEST 2001


On 2001-06-16 19:37:57 Arpi wrote:

>> I have Duron processor, which ./configure script detects. On the next line
>> there is 'Optimizing to ... k6'. Is that correct? If yes what is k7
>> processor then.
>if your gcc doesn't support -mcpu=k7 then it fallbacks to k6
>upgrade gcc (AFAIK only pgcc knows k7)
I'm sorry! -mcpu=athlon
Below is my configure output for Duron:

You can get detailed help on configure with: ./configure --help
Please wait while ./configure discovers your software and hardware environment!
Checking version of gcc ... 2.95.3, ok
Checking assembler (as) ... 2.11, ok
Checking Linux kernel version ... 2.4.5, ok
Install prefix: /usr/local
Checking for cpu vendor ... AuthenticAMD ( 6:3:1 )
Checking for cpu type ...  AMD Duron(tm) Processor
Optimizing to ... athlon
Checking for mmx support ... yes
Checking for mmx2 support ... yes
Checking for 3dnow support ... yes
Checking for 3dnowex support ... yes
Checking for sse support ... no
Checking for mtrr support ... yes
Screen size ... 1x1
Checking for X11 libs ... -L/usr/X11R6/lib
Checking mga_vid device ... no
Checking for xmga ... no
Checking for SDL ... yes
Checking for GGI ... no
Checking for OpenGL ... yes
Checking for Xv ... yes
Checking for X11 ... yes
Checking for DGA ... yes
Checking for DGA 2.0 .. yes
Checking for Xf86VM ... yes
Checking for SVGAlib ... yes
Checking for FBDev ... yes
Checking for OSS Audio ... yes
Checking for ALSA Audio ... not found
Checking for ESD Audio ... yes
Checking for Sun Audio ... no
Checking for DeCSS support ... yes
Checking for PNG support ... yes
Checking for DirectShow ... yes
Checking for fastmemcpy ... yes

Creating config.mak
Creating config.h
Creating libvo/config.mak
Creating libao2/config.mak
Creating libac3/config.mak
Creating mp3lib/config.mak

Config files successfully generated by ./configure !
Please check config.h and config.mak files, tune CPU
and optimization flags if you don't like these defaults.
You can compile the program with 'make' and
install with  'make install'. Good luck!

Please check mtrr settings at /proc/mtrr (see DOCS/MTRR)

Ok, found Win32 codecs directory at /usr/lib/win32.

Best regards! Nick (2001-06-16 21:56:09)

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