[Mplayer-users] Picture distorsion when using MMX

Christoph Lampert lampert at math.chalmers.se
Sat Jun 16 01:38:21 CEST 2001


this is very very strange. Dariusz send me his old AMD K6-2 266MHz
(stepping 0, so without mtrr) CPU and it works rather fine. But I can't
use it for vide playback, because all Windows-DLL produce video out with
completely broken picture. Color stripes (often pink...) and even worse
effects. Same happens with mplayer if MMX is enabled. --disable-mmx
solves the problem for the native MPEG/OpenDivX, but also make things
slower... Same for playback with Windows, btw.

So I thought is was MMX's fault, but the only MMXTest utility I found
(from www.calski.com) says, there is not problem, at least not with
"dot product", "linear combination", "add" or "scale", which all that is

Have you ever heard of a K6 where only MMX is broken? Dariusz, have you
had this before? Are there any other tests around?

Sorry, a little offtopic, but I need the CPU for using Mplayer, so...


gruel at gmx.de

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