[Mplayer-users] MPlayer on non x86 platform

Maksim Krasnyanskiy maxk at qualcomm.com
Thu Jun 14 20:40:45 CEST 2001


> > >And let's see if your tests are actually portable.
> > No complains so far :)
>OK. Please go home now.
Hold your attitude fellow.

>Whether people complained is absolutely _no_ measure for code quality.
Yeah, right. Subjective opinion based on your personal believes (like configure - sucks) 
is definitely a perfect measure.

>BTW: I think we actually talked before about vtun.  I complained that
>the "encryption" was not secure and your random number generation was
>predictable.  Your reply was "I don't care".  
That time we had different objectives. These days we got bunch of folks working on it.

>That's when I stopped looking at vtun.
Ohh, good for me. And please don't discuss unrelated projects here. 
My apologies to the list members for this discussion.

>Your vtun configure.in looks quite clean now, but you don't actually do
>any tests that need to compile anything like the MMX tests would need.
Other projects do compile programs to test stuff. Autoconf provides all necessary tools. 

> > Yeah, I guess hundreds of people are totally blind and dumb otherwise
> > there is no explanation why so many projects use autoconf.
>Millions of flies can't be wrong: eat shit!
Ohh I see. You're saying that authors and developers of all those projects like: GCC, GLIBC, Squid, Apache, etc, etc
are all _wrong_ and _you_ are _right_. Way to go man, way to go.

btw Watch you language.

>Why are you using Linux, by the way ?  Many more people use Windows and you seem to believe that that is a measure 
>for quality, right ?
I didn't say quantity == quality. However the fact that autoconf is used by many projects and people that deserve a lot of 
respect definitely means something.

> > >A hello-world style autoconf that looks for three headers and two libraries generates >100k
> > That's soo not true.
> > Not sure how you write your configure.in. I have several configure.in's that look for bunch of headers and libraries, etc
> > use local defined macros, and --with options and they are about 64K - 82K.
>It's the configure.in from ffingerd, a fingerd I wrote years ago.
>It does some 30 checks, looking for programs, headers and libraries.
>Nothing special.  110k configure.
Well, it is not "hello-world style autoconf".

This discussion is not going anywhere so let's not waste other's time. If you think that autoconf sucks and people who use it 
are wrong it is up to.


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