[Mplayer-users] new bugfixes =)

Nick Kurshev nickols_k at mail.ru
Fri Jun 15 00:12:48 CEST 2001

Hi, Arpi!

On 2001-06-14 19:03:16 you wrote:

>> >Just commited two "bugfixes" (yeah, not features, because the code
>> >is already frozen :))
>> >
>> >-frames <n>     - play only n frames. if n=0, then exits before playing.
>> >
>> >-benchmark      - print some statistics at exit, and plays at max framerate
>> >                  if no sound (-nosound)
>> >
>> >recommended options for video codec benchmarking:
>> >mplayer -frames 500 -vo null -nosound -benchmark file
>> >
>> Code is frozen already 5 days. When do you plane to release 0.18?
>> In the next monday-tuesday or month later?
>Now, at monday. Just after we get the new server up and running,
>including the domain reg.
>CVS is already up, ftp is under configuring, http is up.
>It will be damn fast (p3-733+512mb)!
Do you plane leave sourceforge? Or you will use it as redirector?
As I see some patches are being commited to cvs.
Does it mean that they will not be included to 0.18?

Best regards! Nick (2001-06-14 22:08:01)

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