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Christoph Lampert lampert at math.chalmers.se
Thu Jun 14 17:16:08 CEST 2001

Sascha wrote: 

>I am new to this group and mplayer and have a question.
>I managed to run it in my fb console but not in my X11R6.
>Everytime I try to compile it with options such as --enable-sdl
>and --enable-gl or --enable-vm I got a list of errors (all in a 
>file called as the option I choose) and I can't go any further.

Please send the error messages as well, otherwise nobody can do anything 
to help you. And read DOCS/BUGS, DOCS/BUGREPORTS because programmers love it, 
if people do that. 


P.S. Header said:  From: SK <01725832094 at d2mail.de>
Have you been writing this via SMS? On your mobile phone (neudeutsch: Handy)? 

Dipl. math. Christoph Lampert (complex analysis, integral formulae)
gruel at gmx.de	

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