[Mplayer-users] MPlayer on non x86 platform

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Jun 14 01:53:45 CEST 2001


> >Hmm. Why to shift right long pages if the file itself is the function ?
> That's rare. Most of the time file has many function so it easy to see when one function ends and other one starts.
> >I think you mean mplayer.c, it has sometimes bad indenting. 
> Ohh yeah. mplayer.c is extremely badly formatted ;)

Another reason of such indenting is to not broke CVS diffs.
If you shift right a big block of code just because an additional if()
added, the whole CVS diff will be useless :(

I'm using indent-subdivide in mplayer.c, so if i have to add an if() to
a 4-wide indented code, i'll change it 2-wide there, so no shift needed.

> >But it has too many levels of depth, and we want to keep it eradable without scrolling horizontaly.
> I thought video player folks always have huge/wide monitors for watching cool stuff in wide screen mode ;)
Maybe. But I hate programming in graphic mode, and text mode is ugly at
17" or bigger. So i'm using 15" for programming and a big TV screen for picture.

> > > Years of developing and maintaining several projects (vtun.sf.net, bluez.sf.net,etc) made me autoconf fan :))
> >But we has no years to learn it. If there is a little bug, tons of bugreports arrive and our mailserver gets flooded :)
> I didn't say it took me years to learn it ;)
But I did :)

> > > >Btw automake really sucks, with its very long unreadable makefiles and
> > > >.libs etc subdirectories. autoconf is ok, at least I see its sense.
> > > I wouldn't say that it sucks. Sometimes it does a good job. 
> >When ?
> When dependances are not too complicated.
I see no sense of generating that 10-30k Makefiles which build .libs etc
directories and make source full with temp files (.d .o .lo etc).
It makes ls -la unreadable :)
(and also badly indented :))

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