[Mplayer-users] help!! How can i use mplayer to LinuxPPC or Linux for PowePC.

Felix Buenemann atmosfear at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jun 13 13:30:36 CEST 2001

On Wednesday, 13. June 2001 16:50, you wrote:
> I am writing this from Korea. i am using LinuxPPC with my G4 from
> Apple. i was wondered around many places to try mplayer on my G4 but i
> couldn't find any clue to use mplayer on my G4. i found eaily mplayer is
> working on Intel machine but couldn't find any on PowerPC machine. Plase
> help anyone out there. or answer for this question.  are there any ways i
> can run mplayer on my G4 machine.
> and i heard ASF file has a kind of patent right by MS.  then when linuxer
> see asf files throuh mplayer, aren't there any legal problems or something.
> **one small like a kindness goes a long way!!!!
> i have been searched for this about 2days. but i got nothig so far. PLEASE
> GIVE ME A TIP!!!!!^^
Bad luck, mplayer uses closed source win32 codecs that only run on x86 and 
also mplayer doesn't currently care about byteorder, so chances to get 
mplayer on PPC are 1:10000000 ;) You might want to look into the 
mpg12play-portable project, which will only play mpeg1/2 but it doesn't seem 
to be progressing currently.

Best Regards,

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