[Mplayer-users] What to do before version 1.0

Christoph Lampert lampert at math.chalmers.se
Tue Jun 12 18:43:13 CEST 2001

> > No, seriously: There could very well be more than one package: non-optimized,
> > MMX, 3DNow, SSE, SSE2. Many programs come e.g. in RPMs for different
> 486
> 586
> 586-mmx
> p2
> p3 (sse)
> p4 (sse2)
> k5
> k6 (3dnow)
> k7 (3dnow-dsp)

"none, MMX, SSE, 3DNOW, SSE2"  just as I said.

You can of course try to measure the effect of compiling -mpentium against
-mk6 but you won't find anything. And if, you won't be able to tell before
with is faster on which machine.

As is said before: Making different binary packages is the easiest way
out. Coders won't have to change code or calling of function or whatever.
And still Joe User will be able to get an optimized version for his CPU
without recompiling. If it's still not fast enough, he can learn to
compile. Where's the problem? If it's good enough for linux kernel and
XFree (both optimized), why not for mplayer?


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