[Mplayer-users] draft;) of bugzilla report concerning gcc 2.96 and mplayer

Alex Kanavin ak at cave.hop.stu.neva.ru
Sun Jun 10 00:55:01 CEST 2001

Here's what I'm going to submit to Red Hat's bugzilla:

Bug description: gcc 2.96-81 has problems with mmx/3dnow assembler code


gcc 2.96-81 has a couple of problems when compiling mplayer, the movie
player for Linux (http://mplayer.sourceforge.net). One of them relates to
mmx assembler code in libvo/yuv2rgb_mmx.c - only half of it gets to the
corresponding object file, as a result, mplayer shows black window when
playing mpeg-1 movies in 16 bpp mode with -vo x11 option.

The other problem is with AMD 3DNow assembler code in
libac3/mmx/imdct_3dnow.c. The compiler gives the following error:

In file included from imdct.c:146:
mmx/imdct_3dnow.c: In function `imdct_do_512':
mmx/imdct_3dnow.c:129: inconsistent operand constraints in an `asm'

Neither of these problems show up with gcc 2.95.3. The latest gcc 3.0
snapshot also doesn't have these problems.

Is that right? Any suggestions? What else could be added?


Homepage: http://www.sensi.org/~ak/

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