[Mplayer-users] Compiling with Red Hat 7.1

Peter Honeder peter.hon at gmx.at
Sun Jun 10 17:52:12 CEST 2001

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>> >> sdl as well as x11 work really fine.
>> >Using MMX on 16bpp?
>> my x server runs with 16bpp and configure tells me it uses MMX, so I
>> would
>> say yes.
>If it wokrs for you it is VERY strange. I haven't met anyone that it works
>for him.
>What X version and CPU do you have?

Athlon 500 and the standard RedHat X Server with the nVidia drivers for my
GeForce DDR.

>Are you sure, that you are using -vo x11, not -vo xv (the default one)?
>GCC 2.96 doesn't compile all of the code in mmx files. This code is not in
>the binary after compilling so there's no way that it work. Have you
>upgraded anything in RH (of course things that are connected with devel)?

yes, I'm sure, x11 runs on my system and I am able to compile it. But it is
not the latest cvs snapshot, mine is about 4 weeks old.
nope, I haven't upgraded anything, the system is not very old and I haven't
changed much.


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